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Once Upon A Time In Wonderland promises no filler episodes

Once Upon A Time In Wonderland started off as a normal sized spinoff series from Once Upon A Time. But now ABC is so happy with this unseen show, that they've upped the number of episodes for the first season. But they promise there won't be any filler episodes. Let's hope.


That's right — showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (the Bartles & Jaymes of filler episodes in Once Upon a Time) have decided to kick their bad habit of unnecessary plot dwindling. According to the report in Entertainment Weekly, the increase from 13 episodes to an unspecified number is because of plot requirements, instead of the desire to build a random episode starring Lost's Boone and Shannon as Bill the Lizard and the Jabberwocky:

Wonderland creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have a different vision for this show: a self-contained epic romance that’s planned in advance from start to finish — no filler! That means there will be no additional episodes ordered for the season beyond the first order, so the showrunners can break down the entire story before the first episode ever airs. That’s why there are more episodes being ordered now-ish, because the writers have figured out how many hours they need.


But we're still wondering. Which supernatural spin-off is more pointless: Once Upon a Time In Wonderland or The Originals?

Which is more pointless: Once Upon a Time In Wonderland or The Originals?

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

A long time ago (yesterday?) in a post far, far away (morning spoilers?) I suggested that this was silly because the writers of Once Upon a Time were not capable of filling up one show without resorting to characters changing wildly week to week to propel the plot. I was assured by several people that this was more of a miniseries, it would be brief and that would not be a problem.

So in addition to smugly saying I told you so, I'll stick with the theme I started with by saying that I have a bad feeling about this.