It was bound to happen. The hot, gooey love stuff in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland was eventually going to harden and lose its flavor. Thank goodness for the Knave of Hearts — who should get ALL OF THE SHOWS. Also, watch Naveen Andrews scare someone with a bunny dressed in human clothes.

This wasn't a particularly stellar episode of Wonderland, nor was it especially bland. I'm just not sure how many times I can watch this series end an episode with a glowing heart light in the distance, and a wink and a nod from the two lovers, Alice and her Genie. No offense to either good-looking actor, but we're a little tired of the journey — especially since it has gotten us NOWHERE.


Thank goodness we have the Knave, whose backstory is infinitely more interesting. We love the betrayal from the Red Queen that caused him to hide his heart away forever. We love that she still saved him from being "stoned" — lol, we got the joke guys. Without Jafar and the Knave we would have given up on this series eons ago. And with that in mind, here is a clip of Jafar threatening a real world doctor with a rabbit dressed up in human clothes. The scariest!

This time around, Wonderland spent a lot of time in the real world diving into Alice's past — but sadly, I didn't learn a drop that I didn't already know. However I am intrigued to see what will happen now that Jafar and Alice's Dad have met. The plot thickens... but seriously, next week lets do more Knave and Queenie stuff. Didn't he try and win her back after she became the new Queen in 15 minutes? What happened after that? Who is the girl he worked with who is not Ellen Page but very well could be? I'm much more interested in the Knave of Hearts Show at this point. So let's put a pin in Alice, and focus on these two for a bit.

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