This was a whopping two-hour episode of Once Upon a Time, and thank goodness it wasn't entirely terrible. And thank goodness this series has started incorporating some of the Snow Queen's badass backstory.

Perhaps the best part of this behemoth of an episode was watching the Snow Queen's story finally come together. After treading water and setting up this big reveal of "How did Elsa get in the magical urn, and where did Anna go?" we finally know. It wasn't worth the countless episodes of monotony, but I was sincerely and deeply happy to watch the Snow Queen kind of utilize her original backstory from the Hans Christian Andersen tales.

Turns out the Snow Queen used the magical mirror that only reflects the worst in people on Anna. This mirror turned Anna on Elsa, but Elsa being Elsa wouldn't attack her sister, thus allowing Anna to imprison Elsa in the urn. This was not what the Snow Queen was expecting from her fucked-up plan. So she got mad and froze all of Arendelle. This is a good plan and shouldn't be questioned.

It was during the Snow Queen's unraveling that we witnessed her humanity—but specifically only for her magical new sisters. She was upset that Elsa was imprisoned in the urn, but that actually all worked out, because Emma wasn't born yet and this way they could all remain ageless in a perfectly written loophole, thus allowing them to rejoin each other while they can still pull off their wildly inappropriate Snow Queen cleavage ensembles. The Snow Queen also seemed reticent after she iced all of Arendelle, so maybe she's not actually bad after all.


The Snow Queen even tried to stop Emma from giving all her powers up/certain death via Rumpelstiltskin's stolen magic hat. This whole bullshit plan was crapola from the get-go. "Hey, Emma, I can strip your powers, but meet me here and don't tell anyone where we're going. Also, don't answer your phone forever, because that is just good sense." And she does it. But what this scene actually afforded was a great exchange between Rumps and Emma. Rumps hides the hat in a room and tells Emma that if she wants to rid herself of her powers, all she has to do is go into this room. Emma doesn't know that entering that room will suck her into that hat, but she does know it will take away her powers. Emma asks Rumps if he would go into that room, and he says, "Never." This is great. Emma knows when people are lying to her, and Rumps isn't dumb enough to do that, so he tells just enough truth to get her into the room.

But of course, she doesn't go into the room, because Elsa shows up and they smoosh hands and it's all very sensual, and I'm starting to think that Elsa and Emma might be a hot couple themselves.


In other news, Hook tries to stop Emma from unknowingly suiciding herself, but is tangled up in a magical garden hose. : |

Then Rumps steals his heart and now Hook is his legit puppet. I guess this is the plot that will happen after the Snow Queen leaves. Whatever.


We've got two weeks without any OUAT, but I'm guessing the next episode wraps up this Frozen storyline once and for all. But first, the whole town has to have mirror blown into its eyes because every season of OUAT must have the mandatory cloud of magic town attack.