Once Upon A Time Ends The Frozen Storyline, Rejoice!

Rejoice! Rejoice! Frozen is over, and you know what? It feels good. It feels really good. I like the way it ended and I'm glad it's over. We all won last night and together we will come out stronger people.

Last night, Once Upon A Time quickly wrapped up the plot hurdle it established last week. If you remember, everyone in Storybrooke was possessed by the evil mirror that makes everyone really, really mean. So mean that they all want to kill each other. And it's hilarious and great and all the silly shit that made you fall in love with this goober show in the first place. Remember the fairies in lucite heels and dwarves hatching from eggs? It felt like a small return to the crazy. And after months of the same old Frozen shit week after week, this felt good.


The best part, hands down, was watching Snow White and Prince Charming take really silly digs at each other.

Prince Charming, what a sass mouth!

Actually, a lot of this episode was quite quick and it made me nostalgic for Once Upon A Time of yore (especially when Regina put on the dog and stepped out in 5-inch shoulder pads, a push-up bra and an updo).

Another nice thing about this episode is it allowed the actress who plays Anna to have a little fun. She's been pretty good from her introduction, but in this episode, it felt like the lines gave her a little more room to play, especially when she asks Emma is "Savior" is a job in Storybrooke. It was great.


Of course, the other storyline was filling in Emma's missing memory of her time with Ingrid. Turns out the Snow Queen was NOT a great foster parent.


After trying to trick Emma into using her powers by pulling her in front of a moving car, Emma left Ingrid. No surprise there. This flashback did, however, give us a good look into Ingrid's actual love for Emma. And that was... nice? I don't know, I'm just so glad the Frozen plot is over.

The whole thing is solved when Anna finds a message in a bottle from her mother that explains away all of Ingrid's problems. It was, without a doubt, the most convenient plot line from a show that has cursed and recursed the entire town it's set in several times. But it doesn't matter because it worked and it's over and next week we're all going to pretend that 101 Dalmatians is a fairy tale. Can't wait to get back to the silly. It's better this way.


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