There were two big reveals on Once Upon a Time — one was pretty great, and the other was kind of OK. It's not that I mind seeing Cora and her lips once again, but I would rather continue to watch the Wicked Witch Rebecca Mader's chew up an entire studio lot's worth of scenery. Spoilers ahead...

The three great things that happened in this episode are as follows: Rebecca Mader showed up in her little hat and continued her flawless delivery of snarky-snarky-wink-wink-magic-talk-sexual-innuendo-sister-stuff-wink-snark-cackle speak.


I'm starting to like this one-note character. Sadly, this episode revealed Zelena's big bad plan, and her reasons for collecting courage, heart, brains and all that other Wizard of Oz shit. Her plan is to go back in time and Terminator Snow White's Mom, so she can have the life she always wanted. WOMP WOMP.

No offense Zelena — but you can turn people into flying monkeys that can still communicate with you, you can also rip people's hearts out, control the dark one, shape-shift, and disappear in a cloud of green gas. Cursing Hook's mouth into a ticking time bomb of a magic-sucking kiss was genius. And I can't wait to see that kiss happen (because you know that's going to happen and I hope she falls down Little Mermaid "you're too late" sunset style).


But time travel? This is your master plan? Weak sauce.

You are magic — so do something magic that we haven't already seen 1,000 times before. Regina took an entire town and implanted them in terrible, horrible Maine with fake lives, fake memories, and fake underwear drawers. You just want to kill someone's Mom? LAAAAAAAAME.


When did this series decide to stop being a whimsical fun house where dwarves hatch from eggs and fairies wear lucite heels? What happened to the magic Disney show that was totally OK with turning Belle into a barfly who got off on watching her Beast beat up some guy with his cane? I mean, that scene was terrible, but at least it wasn't the plot to the Terminator movies and all other time travel things... which is just dullsville.

Thankfully the Witch does what she can with what she has, and totally has a weird boiled pea dinner with Rumps — and then tries to seduce him. Big props to Zelena for starting to go full moan 5 seconds into the kissing.

The second great thing to happen in this episode is when one character calls out another character on being a horrible bitch. When Regina asks Belle to help her, Belle goes on a fantastic tirade of "No, you made me insane, locked me up, and don't let the door hit you on the way out." FINALLY. Yes, Regina apologized, and yes, Belle immediately forgave her but it was great to see these shadow characters act like (almost) fully formed creatures, with backgrounds and memories.


On that note. Snow White got a little character development as well, reminding us all that she's a murderer who feels bad about killing Regina's mom. Thankfully, Regina also continues to grow and is seemingly done with her dance of good to bad. Looks like she's sticking to good — especially when she saved Snow White from whatever it was Cora's ghost was trying to do.

The third and final great thing was the kiss between Regina and Robin Hood. Regina is really the only character a human being can route for on this series, so it's good to see her get a tiny win. Plus they did that movie kiss where they break after the first kiss and look at each other all scared... and then he eats her face. Love it. More Robin Hood face-eating, please.


Overall the Cora background reveal just felt like more fodder for the fairy tale fire. We already knew Cora had a bad life, this didn't add that much. However, it was nice to know that Cora didn't want to give up Zelena (even if her actions were horrifically selfish she still felt feelings about it). That giveaway scene was sad, but does it matter? Zelena is not redeemable at this juncture. Her character reveals can't undo the bad that she has already done. If anything they just make me think she is bad at planning revenge. But yes, Cora got me with the whole "goodbye life is cruel" farewell. That being said, we still don't know where the tornado came from, wonder if Zelena brings the curse of Oz upon herself?

In conclusion, would anyone have been sad if the Dark One had killed Robin's little boy? Just saying.