This week, Scorpion continues to deliver the head-smashingly terrible high-tech adventures of our geniuses. They're in Vegas, baby, doing things like using wifi and talking about statistics!

In the scene above, we're deep in the middle of a dangerous hack, where Hardware Ninja is gaining access to data using what she authoritatively refers to as a JumpDrive — which is just a brand name for a USB drive made by Lexar (are they sponsors?).


Hardware Ninja has plugged the JumpDrive TM into a laptop, which is magically using the power of wifi to send data to Human Calculator. Why the JumpDrive is supposed to be related to wifi, and why they even want to use wifi, are never explained. Why not just copy the data onto said JumpDrive? Or, if we are using wifi sorcery, why do we even need the JumpDrive? Oh and also, our big technical obstacle is that Human Calculator has to ... drive around! And loses the wifi signal!

Too bad, because he was impressing us just a few scenes before by recognizing that percentages are actually numbers.

This was after we already established in the opening scene of the episode that Scorpion's greatest feat was "tracking down an IP address in China" for DHS. WOW YOU GUYS FOUNDED AN IP ON THE SCARY CHINA INTERNETS? Goddamn, I love how "genius" these geniuses are. Those Chinese hackers can't hide the fact that they're in China from the DHS! Nope!


Here's the thing you probably don't understand. Scorpion was "diagnosed" with a genius IQ, and he's BASED ON A REAL PERSON, OK? These are all ACTUAL THINGS HE ACTUALLY DOES. (Well, for some value of "actual.")

Also, don't forget that Scorpion has skills that go way beyond the IP and the looking at videos. He can escape from jail using a toilet and a button!

And by the way, Scorpion and Psycho Psychologist are also the world's greatest gamblers. Because that's a thing geniuses can do, you know — win at gambling in Vegas. I think I heard about that from an IP address that I hid on my JumpDrive.


See you next week, when Scorpion works out his daddy issues by using wifi in a helicopter while washing viruses out of the air with sprinklers and preventing the next pandemic.