On Twin Peaks Day, We Want to Know: What's Your All-Time Favorite Moment on the Show?

Pie gets all the love, but they did eat a lot of donuts back in the day, too.
Pie gets all the love, but they did eat a lot of donuts back in the day, too.
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It’s been 30 years since Agent Cooper drove through the evergreens and into the town of Twin Peaks for the first time, changing his life and TV history forever. Though Twin Peaks technically premiered in April of 1990, Coop notes the in-show date as February 24—thereby making today Twin Peaks Day. Let’s rock!

The recent Academy Awards may have dismissively breezed past David Lynch’s honorary Oscar, but his fans know the visionary director doesn’t need Hollywood prizes to affirm his genius, or the impact he’s had on all of us. Today, we’re looking back at one of his most beloved projects by reminiscing about our favorite moments from a show that was packed with them, and that still reverberates throughout pop culture.

This is a subject I’ve devoted a lot of thought to—check out my lists below, one that includes the first two seasons and Fire: Walk With Me, and another covering the deliriously epic 2017 Showtime revival, to get you started.


But just because I love those weird and shocking moments—and anything involving my all-time favorite character, the gloriously gruff Albert Rosenfield—doesn’t mean you have the same favorites. The place both wonderful and strange has layers of meanings for everyone who’s fallen under its spell.

Grab a slice of cherry pie and share your favorite Twin Peaks moments and memories in the comments below!


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Agent Cooper’s return. It’s not even close for me. I waited decades for it and it brought the biggest smile to my face when it happened. It was like seeing an old friend again after he suddenly fell off the map.