For the second week in a row, Stephen didn't quite feel like the main character of The Tomorrow People — which is a very good thing, since the more we see of the other stars doing their thing, the more fun this show seems to become. And this week, it was all about a gang of mutie criminals. Where's Dredd when you need him?

Spoilers ahead...

Just like last week, this week's episode is all about the consequences of Cara becoming the leader of the Tomorrow People — will they follow her? Will they think she's weak? And she gets a brand new foil who's basically designed to highlight that conflict: Julian, the leader of a group of mutant gang who prey on the 1 percent.


Turns out Cara used to be part of Julian's crew when he was just getting started, and she showed mercy on one of their targets — who then shot Julian's girlfriend. Ever since then, Julian has always hated her. And now he's back in New York and plans to act out the plot of Tower Heist, at least as far as anybody knows what the plot of that movie is.

The basic storyline here is that Cara has to show someone from her past, who used to bully her, that she's tough and she's a great leader. And she has to lead the Tomorrow People into action — even though as she herself points out, the smart thing might be just to sit this one out and let Ultra and the criminal gang wipe each other out.

But what makes it a bit cooler is that: A) Julian has figured out a way to turn the Tomorrow People's weird inhibition against murder into a kind of drug, getting "high" off the headrush he gets when he almost kills someone. Love this. B) We get a contrast between Cara's nurturing of Charlotte, the young breakout that she rescued from Ultra's Citadel, and Julian's exploitation of vulnerable young people. And in the end, Cara wins because she helped Charlotte harness her screamy head-bursty potential. Yay.


Oh, and Garza from Continuum is part of Julian's gang — presumably infiltrating them on behalf of Liber8.

Anyway, the more awesome Cara gets, the more fun she is to watch. (Partly because her other mode appears to be lip-quivering martyrdom.) And the relationship between her and John is getting more fun, too, as John resolutely backs her leadership while making sure everybody remembers that he's still Mr. Awesome.


Also, Russell tails Julian, and doesn't screw up as badly as everyone expects — although he does manage to get his ass royally kicked.

The episode's "B" plot has to do with Jedikiah suddenly announcing a brand new rule — but for once, it's not a new rule of how the Tomorrow People's powers work. (Although as usual, this episode treats teleportation as something that's either super easy or impossible, depending on what the writers need.) Rather, the new rule is that trainee Ultra agents (like Stephen) get winnowed down, and the ones who don't make the cut have their powers removed. Because Ultra loves to waste valuable resources.


Stephen is one of three candidates, along with the ultra-competitive Hillary, and some other dude, whose name is Other Dude. In the end, Stephen and Hillary work together to take down Julian's gang after Cara's done all the work for them. And the let Other Dude share the credit, too — it would be funny if Stephen and Julian just high-five each other while watching Other Dude lose his powers.


More importantly, thank goodness we had an Astrid sighting in this episode — and Ultra noticed that Stephen has a non-mutant friend who knows about his mutantitude. This is going to lead to Consequences — meaning that Astrid gets to be a damsel. Um... yay?

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