On The Tomorrow People, daddy issues are a secret weapon

Last night's Tomorrow People went through some crazy plot gyrations to keep the "Stephen working for both Ultra and the mutants" storyline afloat. But it was superfun, you have to love how the two storylines — Stephen's father and suspicion at Ultra — dovetail, in the clip above.

Sure, a lot of it doesn't entirely make sense. Like, Uncle Jedikiah seems way too laid back about Stephen's decision to help the episode's bank-robbing teenage mutant escape — even if you factor in the notion that Jedikiah hopes Stephen will lead him to the Tomorrow People. John changes his mind about Stephen serving as a double agent undercover in Ultra way, way too easily. And the telepath is using her mind-probing powers in the room we were told last week blocks all mutant abilities. (Guess they changed the wallpaper in there.)

But this was still a really, really fun episode. And the bit where Stephen sees his mom's memories, and glimpses his father telling his mother that he doesn't love her any more is a strong enough gutpunch to make the whole thing seem kind of worthwhile. And I like that Stephen is able to take that anger and betrayal he feels towards his father, and use it to short-circuit his Ultra interrogation. That's really neat.

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First off TIM needs more screen time.

I actually turned this episode off a couple of times before getting through it because I disliked the writing so much, which is something (before seeing this episode) that I would have sworn I was genetically incapable of doing. Based on this review I just watched it again to give it another chance because I figured I was wrong and missing something.

Sorry, but the writing has to improve, has to get smarter. Neither the double agent storyline, nor the way Jedikiah and the Ultra organization are being portrayed, work or even make sense on any level. Even the programme's basic background story is contradictory or poorly thought out, at least as presented onscreen.

Though I wish there was more diversity, and they were given better material (especially Mark Pellegrino), the lead cast is good, and the show looks great, I just wish the writing was better. And the intro used some version of the original TP theme music.

Most importantly TIM needs way WAY more screen time.