Or at least that's how Homer referred to the author on Sunday's episode of The Simpsons, "The Book Job." This was the 492nd installment of the long-running cartoon sitcom. And while the show hasn't been at the loopy zeniths of "Worker and Parasite" and Homer's vision of the ballet or Ned Flanders' apple cider lesson or Mr. Burns' ether binge or — well, I'm going to rein myself in here — a bunch of gags lately, "The Book Job" did justice to Gaiman's guest appearance...in that it made the author look like a total nutcase.

Long story short, Bart and Homer rope together a motley crew of Springfieldians to pen a hack fantasy novel to capitalize on the young adult genre craze. Neil Gaiman, who happens to be in the same bookstore as the conspirators, quickly latches on to their plan with a maniac glee.


Bart and Homer force the author to pick up pizzas, make tuna fish salad, and deal with Moe's violent instability. Unlike Alan Moore's muscled-up appearance a few years back, Gaiman gamely depicts himself as a goony spaniel. Sure, Andy Garcia guest-starred too, but Gaiman stole the show.

Outside of the Gaiman abuse, the show offered up a couple good gags, such as the revelation that Twilight was originally a novel about golems and a quick appearance by The Far Side smoking dinosaurs. Also, Patty can speak fluent Dothraki. Can't be churlish about that.

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