On the new Torchwood, Captain Jack "gets to have full-on boy-sex" (spoilers)

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In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, John Barrowman quelled any worries that Captain Jack Harkness' pansexuality would be tamped down for American audiences.


Said the show's star of the upcoming Torchwood: Miracle Day:

"I knew they would be true to the show and not change drastically," says star John Barrowman. "If it was watered down, I wouldn't have done it. For those people who are our stanch fans, it's going to have the heart and soul of Torchwood which we've always had, plus the energy and excitement of a show that's bigger and better."

As for his character's love life, Barrowman says Capt. Jack "gets to have full-on boy-sex a couple of times. On those days going to work I'd wake up and Scott my partner would say, ‘What are you filming today?' And I'd say, ‘Oh it's going to be a tough day, I get to have sex with a 24 year old.'" [...]

"You're going to get a lot into the history of Jack," Barrowman teases. "You see one of his big relationships that defines a lot about who he is. You also find out a lot about Jack and Gwen."


Also, that strange event that's made everyone immortal? Apparently it flips the script and makes Captain Jack mortal. Uh-oh!

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I am still hoping for a John Hart/Poddle

PS: Ianto was around 24, so maybe we get some time travel action involving Ianto?