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On the importance of storytelling in science

Many of you have probably heard of Story Collider, a traveling show (and weekly podcast) that features compelling stories about science. Each story is unique in its own way. Some are hilarious. Others are gut-wrenching. But they're all stories – and that quality, more than anything, is what makes them so consistently fascinating, revelatory and, well, important.


In this recently delivered TEDMED talk, Story Collider co-founder Ben Lillie and senior producer Erin Barker discuss the power of personal narrative in science communication. And they do so with (what else?) stories.

Learn more about Story Collider here. Seriously. It's fantastic.

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I am relatively new to consistent podcast listening. With a 1-hour one-way commute to work each day, I've been devouring StarTalk, SGU, This American Life, Vergecast, TWiT (and now TWiET), Science Friday, and just recently checked out Geologic Podcast. I'll have to give this one a try! Thanks!

Also, any other science and tech podcast recommendations are welcome!