This is so blindingly awesome that it almost needs no explanation. But I'll tell you what it is - a new kids' book called Rex Riders, about the American frontier. With dinosaurs!

Creator J.P. Carlson writes to tell us about it:

The cover is by Italian paleo-artist Fabio Pastori, and the interior illustrations are by Marvel and DC comics artist, Jim Calafiore. It's a dinosaur adventure set in the 1800's on the cusp of the industrial revolution. It's unlike anything out there. We were at Book Expo America and I think we had the only book cover that caused people to stop and say over and over, "Okay you got me. What is this?"


The best part? It's just the first in a series from Monstrosities Books. We can't wait to see the book! It hits bookstores August 15.

Here's a piece of art from the interior of the book, which shows us a gunfight in the middle of a dino stampede (click to embiggen). Did I mention about the awesome? Yeah.