On this week's The 100, we've got two children making big decisions without their formerly powerful parents — and there are bound to be grave consequences. As Mount Weather points a missile at the alliance leadership, Clarke must decide whether to protect them and risk exposing her spy.

Things are getting chaotic beneath Mount Weather. Cage has assumed the presidency. The medical team is hacking up the 47 one by one and using their marrow to bolster the Undergrounders' resistance to radiation. And little do they suspect that a spy is in their midst. With Maya's help, Bellamy has been skulking around Mount Weather, and while he hasn't figured out how to turn off the acid fog, he has gotten access to the imprisoned President Wallace.

Left alone with Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night, Wallace has had plenty of time to reflect on his role in the cannibalizing of the 47. When Bellamy shows up and asks for help, Wallace is willing to sacrifice his own people in order to make things right. With Wallace's intel, Bellamy is able to cause a radiation leak on the level where the 47 are being held. And while it's a horrifying death, there's something brutally satisfying at watching a group of the kids prevent Dr. Tsing from sealing herself off from the radiation as they parrot back her saccharine assurance that they're all very important to Mount Weather.

Cage is, naturally, furious at Papa Wallace, and the feeling is mutual. Cage believes that he's protecting his people, and that no cost is too high to ensure the liberty of the Undergrounders. He can carve up the 47, turn the Grounders into monsters, and bomb Ton DC, as long as it's all in the service of Mount Weather. Wallace vehemently disagrees, but Cage isn't about to leave his father behind as the Undergrounders reclaim the surface. He gives his father the treatment, having him forcibly injected with some dead kid's bone marrow.


We see an interesting parallel between Cage's story and Clarke's, especially when it comes to parental relations. Thanks to Bellamy, Raven and Clarke overhear Cage's plot to fire a missile at the gathering at Ton DC, killing off the leadership of several Grounder clans. Clarke quickly relays the message to Lexa, who quickly realizes the problem: If they evacuate Ton DC, the folks back at Mount Weather will realize there's a spy. Lexa suggests they escape quietly and tell no one, and after some protest, Clarke relents. But when her mother appears in Ton DC, she makes the same choice that Cage believes he's making: she rescues her mother.

Abby is, not surprisingly, horrified to learn that Clarke knew the missile was coming and did nothing to evacuate Ton DC. To her credit, Clarke accepts responsibility for her decisions. But the question is clear: How different are Clarke's choices from Cage's?


Abby agrees to keep Clarke's decision a secret, but that may be a moot point. Indra and Kane noticed that Clarke and Lexa were missing before the missile hit, and they may have some very uncomfortable questions.

In fact, the only parent not disappointed with a child this episode is Jaha, which is impressive given that the (surrogate) child in question is Murphy. Jaha seems to have earned Murphy's respect with his willingness to forgive and move on, and Murphy seems to internalize that a bit when they encounter a beautiful Wastelander. She and Murphy bond over being outcasts, and Murphy is touched by the idea that someone can hear about his crimes and still be willing to give him a fair shot. The Wastelander is clearly touched, too. She ultimately betrays Jaha's group, leading them to bandits who steal their supplies, but before she knocks Murphy out, she gives him directions to the City of Light. Finally, Murphy has what he has lacked all season: purpose and, quite literally, direction.


The final relationship explored this episode isn't a parent-child one; it's the relationship between Octavia and Lincoln. The lovers are reunited, but Lincoln is wracked with guilt over what happened in the caves. Octavia doesn't want to hear about his feelings, though; she wants him to buck up and be a Grounder or crawl away. Octavia wanted to find Lincoln, but she's not about to sacrifice her newfound identity for the sake of their relationship.