The 100 started with Clarke's mother bidding her a desperate farewell before shoving her and 99 other kids out of the Ark and down to the surface of Earth. Now, however, Mama Griffin thinks she's in charge, and she's not pleased with how Earth has changed her daughter.

In anticipation of the attack on Mount Weather, the Undergrounders send the world's worst assassins to kill Clarke and Lexa. I get it, the writers needed to give the Sky People/Grounder army the tools to fight the Reapers, but really, couldn't they have made the assassination attempt a bit more impressive?

Anyway, Abby is pretty shaken by the whole business of an assassin going after her daughter, and she wants Clarke to feel her feelings. But Clarke seems less irked by the assassination attempt than by the fact that her mother wants to coddle her after everything that's happened. And while Abby hasn't done much in the way of leading lately, she's also none too pleased that everyone, including Kane, is treating Clarke as the boss. Abby is still hanging on to the ways of the Ark, to procedure. On the ground, everyone flies a bit more by the seats of their pants. Granted, she hasn't been around to witness the ways that Clarke has asserted herself as the leader of the Sky People, but certainly she should be able to see what Clarke has accomplished. At some point, Clarke's going to have to have a very cathartic scream at her mother.


But it's Maya and Bellamy who get the real action this episode. While spying around the medical facility, Maya discovers Bellamy, who is being bled as a Grounder. Maya helps him escape, but Bellamy ends up killing an Undergrounder technician in the process. It's only when he later encounters the man's young son at the Mount Weather school that he realizes that there will be more to this battle than dog eats dog. They can't let the Undergrounders keep people like cattle, but in the end, they'll have to decide if there's a way to let at least some of the Undergrounders live.

President Wallace had, in theory, similar ideals — letting the children, at least, live. But just as Abby can't recognize that Clarke is the true leader of the Sky People, Wallace fails to realize the power that his son has been wielding under his nose. In Wallace's case, it may have been tinged with greed — he knew what Cage and Tsing were up to, but let them move forward with the tests on the 47. When Jasper comes to Wallace, raging about his missing friends, Wallace finally acknowledges that he Undergrounders have gone too far. He may grant Harper a temporary reprieve, but once Cage takes power, he quickly locks up the 47. Now Bellamy and Maya are the Sky People's only free-ranging allies beneath Mount Weather. Even President Wallace is placed in a cell, with only his paints and his guilt to occupy him.


So the war has begun, albeit quietly. Clarke sends one of the assassins back to Mount Weather, hoping the big shiny army above ground will distract the Undergrounders from ornery army underground. But it looks like, before Clarke can move on Mount Weather, she'll have to war with her mother.