Last night's Supernatural, "The Mentalists," was one of the show's better zany episodes — set in a town full of psychics in New York. The new age goofiness was spiced up with a little death, flirtation, and (at last) good sibling processing.

Spoilers ahead!


Meet the friendly charlatans at affirmation cafe!

After stealing a classic car, Dean hears on the radio that there have been some strange killings in a tiny New York town full of psychics and energy-reading spoon-benders. The town is about to have its annual Psychic Festival, but all the headliner acts are being murdered by the tools of their trade. An Ouija specialist is stabbed in the throat with her planchette, then a spoon-bender is impaled on his own spoons (and forks).

Dean hightails it to the town, where he finds Sam is working the same case while having breakfast in a cafe where they serve "affirmations" with your food. I'm pretty sure this is a parody of Cafe Gratitude, a place where all the food is named things like "I am a happy person banana shake" and "I love myself salad." (If you've ever been to a Cafe Gratitude, the place is seriously scary, and will make you want to say things like "Give me the 'I'm a double-crossing snake dippin dots'.") At any rate, it's sort of place and its kooky denizens that provide most of the humor in the episode.

Over "I'm a manly man bacon," the brothers agree to work together, though Sam is sullen and Dean is snarky. At least there's no prolonging the fight that started last week when they were processing. But there is one outstanding problem . . .


Really, Sam? That's your new hair?

Please tell us this is breakup hair and now that you and Dean are back together it's going to have a little fluff and body again.


Back to the case

The brothers track down the granddaughter of one of the murder victims, and discover that grandma had a vision of her own death that involved temperature drops. So it's a ghost for sure. And now her pal, a fake voodoo bone-reader, is given a vision that she'll die by having her bones crushed that night. When Dean reviews surveillance footage in the bone-reader's house, they discover that a ghost grabbed her head right before she had that vision.


And it's a ghost that the women recognize — a famous psychic from the town's early history.

Maybe you should just be gay instead of pretending to be siblings

That's why the boys hightail it over to the local history museum. There, the museum docent offers a little town history. Turns out our ghost was a famous psychic who could fortell people's deaths, and her older sister was her less talented caretaker.


Also, there's some major fan service when the docent points out that the best brother-brother psychic team weren't really brothers but gay lovers hiding their "alternative lifestyle." I love that this show is completely unafraid to torment its legions of fans with constant references to gay brothers.

Then Ellen uses the docent to reache out with some gruff, motherly advice from beyond the grave: If Dean doesn't tell Sam how he feels (no, not in a gay way you pervs), she's going to kick his ass. After a bit of quick processing, where Dean helpfully tells Sam to stop being a bitch, the two are ready to solve their mystery with renewed bromantic energy.


Talk about sick sibling relationships!

But burning the ghost's bones doesn't work! The bone-reader is killed anyway. What the hell is going on? Too late, they realize that the ghost with the visions was the younger sister trying to warn people about her angry older sister's plans to murder them from beyond the grave. Of course, the older sister's bones have already been dug up — somebody in the town is using her ghost to kill all the most successful psychics.


The brothers race to a psychic supply store run by "Jimmy Tomorrow," trying to figure out who might have bought materials for a ghost binding spell recently. After Jimmy sends them on a false lead, Sam figures out that it's Jimmy himself who has bound the angry sister.


While Dean fights to keep the angry sister from killing the ouija board lady's granddaughter, Sam struggles with Jimmy. Turns out that Jimmy is pissed because he's a real psychic, just like the older sister was, but neither of them have any charisma. So they are doomed to live in the shadows of fakers with a sense of showmanship. And Jimmy has been keeping older sis' bones in bed with him, snuggling with her and planning revenge. Gross!

Luckily Sam is able to burn the bones and the ghost's next victim lives another day so that Dean can flirt with her.


Now it's time to process our feelings

Sam and Dean have repaired the rift between them. Sam admits that Dean was probably right to kill Amy, and that Sam wasn't able to see things clearly because of his past history with her. Plus, he still has Lucifer dancing in his head and that makes everything complicated. So they drive off together in the stolen car, contemplating how they will finally tell the world that they aren't really brothers but in fact just covering up their "alternative lifestyle."


And then the internet exploded.

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