The Winchester brothers took a break from hunting Satan this week to help out some old friends. And they met a monster older than the world: One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Hells yes. Spoilers ahead!

Months ago I was already excited about this episode, called "Good God Y'All," because showrunner Eric Kripke was quoting from it at Comic-Con (actually from the scene above). And it was written by Sera Gamble, who always packs a punch. Not surprisingly, this episode was intense and funny. There is a great moment when angel Castiel, cut off from heaven, says, "I'm going to find God . . . this isn't a theological issue, it's tactical."

That's Supernatural for you. Somehow, the show manages to reinvent a tired phrase like "I'm going to find God" - partly by taking it out of context, and partly by taking it completely literally.


The action begins when the boys go to visit Bobby in the hospital, where he's sitting in a wheelchair and refusing to talk to anybody. He finally gets wordy when Castiel says he can't heal Bobby's paralyzed legs - part of the whole "cut off from heaven" thing - and flies into a hopeless rage. He's not going to be dealing well with his injuries.

But at that moment, old hunter buddy Rufus calls. He's screaming and being shot at in some small town that's been infested with demons, then the line goes dead. So Sam and Dean go out to help.

Meanwhile, Castiel says the only hope they have if they want to defeat Lucifer is if they can recruit God to their side. After taking Dean's pendant (the one Sam gave him when they were kids) Castiel takes off in a flurry of wings. Why does he need that pendant? And will he find God? We won't find out for a while, I'm guessing.


When the boys arrive to help Rufus, they discover hunters Ellen and Jo are there too. The whole town has gone demon, including Jo and Rufus, and the human remainder are hiding in a basement. Sam tries to go out and get salt supplies, but he's hijacked by two black-eyed demon teens and has to knife them. Poor Sammy: The sight of all that tasty, tasty demon blood spreading over the floor is enough to get him jonesing. Obviously, his little demon blood drinking problem hasn't gone away.

The weird thing is, when Dean and Ellen finally confront the demon-occupied Jo and Rufus, it seems as if Jo and Rufus think that Dean and Ellen are demons. Jo calls Ellen a "black eyed bitch." Hmmm . . . sounds fishy. Especially if you consider that right before the whole demon thing happened, there was a shooting star and the river got all polluted. As Sam and Dean explain to the tiny group hiding in the basement, it sounds like one of the signs of the apocalypse. In fact, a horseman of the apocalypse shouldn't be far behind.

"It's the apocalypse?" a priest asks them incredulously.

"Well, yeah," Sam admits, looking a little ashamed.

Indeed, further investigation reveals that War has come to town, dressed in the meatsack of a guy who looks a lot like Billy Joel. (I kept waiting for him to sing.) And War has got this magic ring he rubs to make people hallucinate and fight with each other. Eventually the boys get everything straightened out, and have War cornered next to his sweet red Mustang. Instead of killing him, which would be impossible, they chop off his fingers. Now they've got the rubby ring, and they aren't going to be throwing it into Mount Doom any time soon.


After a long heart-to-heart talk, Sam finally reveals to Dean that he's worried about himself. The blood-lust incident has made him realize that he's potentially a danger, and shouldn't be hunting Lucifer or anything else either. They decide to part ways, Dean taking the car and Sam getting into a truck with a friendly stranger.

I think this whole idea that the brothers should part ways just when things are getting dangerous is completely ass, and totally just Wincesty drama. I'm sure they'll get over it soon enough - even a flawed Sam is better than no Sam at all. Plus, in the fourth episode this season, you'll see a vision of the future that would come to pass if Sam and Dean stayed apart. Here's a hint: Sarah Palin is president.