On Supernatural, The Winchester Brothers Really Are Crazy

Last night's Supernatural, called "Sam, Interrupted," gave us a monster of the week whose role was mostly to remind us how completely, batshit insane the Apocalypse-chasing Winchester brothers lives are.

A wraith is stalking the inmates at a mental hospital - including a Hunter pal of the Winchesters - so the brothers get themselves checked in to stop it. I love this introductory scene, excerpted above, where they get committed just by telling the psychiatrist at the hospital about their daily lives. The episode has the usual twists-and-turns of a monster chase, heightened by the fact that our wraith is driving the inmates even more insane so that their brains will be tastier when she eats them.

That means that Sam and Dean go crazy too - especially Sam, who lets loose some of those violent tendencies you know he's had all along. In fact, that is probably the major takeaway from this episode, other than the fact that both of the brothers are objectively leading psychotic lives. Sam is going mad with all this rage he's kept repressed his whole life, and even the wraith in the asylum picks up on that. This is the major chink in good boy Sam's armor. Will his rage be his downfall, allowing Lucifer to finally stick himself inside Sam's meatsack?

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The episode as a whole wasn't very strong, and their existential exposition bits at the end are brutally forced this past season - but I'm glad the show's back!

Thought the funniest bit was 'pudding!' because the sound effects were intact.