On Supernatural, "a monster with opposable thumbs and unlimited text messaging"

On last night's Supernatural, called "Unforgiven," Sam had to confront what he'd been doing for that year when he didn't have a soul and Dean was off playing house with his girlfriend and her son. It turned out he was even more screwed up than we thought, but maybe that wasn't such a bad thing.

Spoilers ahead!

The main point of this episode seemed to be to find out what Sam's everyday life was like when he was in Terminator mode with Grandpa and the Campbells. What we find out right away is that even Grandpa thought that Sam was kind of evil.


The text message of doom

So Sam and Dean are sitting around asking each other, "Hey, can you figure out what this 'mother of all' thing is?" "No, can you figure it out?" They're getting nowhere when Sam gets a text message with coordinates in it. Apparently he's been getting a ton of them, but only now decided to bring it up. Upon further investigation, it is (not surprisingly) revealed that they point to a tiny town in Rhode Island called Bristol where women are mysteriously disappearing without a trace.

After some hemming and hawing over whether Sam should really be doing anything, especially based on a text message they can't trace, they hightail it out to Bristol. As soon as Sam sees the weird octopus on the "welcome to Bristol" sign, he starts getting the old black-and-white flashbacks. Turns out he and Grandpa were here a year before, killing and shooting and beating the crap out of a local cop who figured out they weren't really Feds.


So there's double-danger here: Sam's enemies with local law enforcement, and his memories are going to start busting down that wall between him and the Hell crazy.

Why do all these babes keep giving Sam the cougar eye?

Dean starts to figure out that there's something wrong when a random hot chick in a restaurant gives Sam the old "hey remember me" cougar eye treatment. Clearly Sam's been here, and was in sexbot mode. And of course we get a nice black-and-white flashback of Sam humping the hottie in the bathroom while she said something dirty in his ear like, "Oh robo Sam you are so big and tall and monster-hunty."


And it's around that time that Sam and Dean have to have another conversation about how Sam is remembering stuff but wants to follow through and deal with whatever bad stuff he did in Bristol. OK sure - there's working through, but then there's going back to the place where you punched a cop in the face. You really can't have a therapeutic meeting of the minds with that dude.

Which is what we find out the next day, when the brothers split up and Sam gets arrested by said cop while Dean starts to figure out that all the women who've disappeared had hookups with sexbot Sam. But he's still not sure what it might be, other than "a monster with opposable thumbs and unlimited text messaging." But Sam finally remembers what they're up against: A spidery arachne, yet another monster operating outside its usual stomping grounds in Crete. Apparently arachnes are all about the texting.


Sorry about all the killing and stuff

For some reason, Sam is able to convince a woman who works at the police station that he doesn't remember anything he did the year before. She and her husband Roy actually hung out with Sam and Grandpa when they visited previously - the two hunters confided in them, and explained the truth about their visit. Except Roy, who was also the sherriff, also disappeared mysteriously before Sam and Grandpa hit the road without ever explaining anything about what happened.


So now we have a double mystery: What happened to Roy, and what is happening to the disappearing women? Dean has a good idea: It's all a trap. Somebody is trying to lure Sam back to the scene of his previous crimes, first by taking his lady conquests and then by texting him. But Sam has already promised his new/old friend that he'll solve the mysteries, so she springs him from jail.


Unfortunately Sam is starting to figure out why somebody might be kind of angry at him. In another flashback, he remembers using Roy as bait to lure out the arachne when he and Grandpa were hunting it last year ("Is Roy just a redshirt to you?" Grandpa asks). Then, when they followed the arachne back to her lair and killed her, Sam didn't rescue the webbed-up Roy. Even though Grandpa was like, "Hey we'll get you to a hospital," robo-Sam laid down the law. He said the poison was sure to kill Roy no matter what, so he might as well put him and the other arachne victims out of their misery. With a gun to the face.

Yeah, there's an extremely uncomfortable scene where Roy begs for his life and Sam shoots him between the eyes. So you can see why Sam is now feeling really guilty about this nice lady who let him out of jail.


And you guessed it

The arachne who has been messing with Sam is in fact Roy, who was turned into an arachne before Sam tried to kill him. So he survived the gunshot, and has turned all weird-eyed and gross-faced, and is now gong full spider dude on Sam and Dean. Though not before telling his wife that he loves her.


There's a really long "let me explain all my evil plans to you" scene with arachne Roy, who has Sam and Dean webbed up in his lair. And his wife keeps saying things like "No! Don't do that!" Eventually, when it becomes clear that Roy is just going to murder everybody, she finally has to help the Winchesters kill him.

In the end, robo-Sam was right - Roy needed killing. Too bad he didn't kill him correctly the first time. And too bad about that redshirt thing too.


Now it's time to process our feelings

So this was Sam's big chance to "make everything right," and it didn't work out very well. He's feeling bad about sacrificing Roy and then letting him turn into a spider monster, but for some reason Roy's wife is still angry and slams the door in Sam's face when he mumbles an apology.


Sam goes back to the hotel and tells Dean that he feels like everything he did in the past year really was him, and not some other person. But Dean still kind of annoyed since the whole situation was a setup and now Sam is remembering way too much. In fact, he's remembering so much that before the brothers can reach a deep understanding about their relationship and how it's been impacted by this week's foray into black and white flashbacks, Sam has a total Hell PTSD freakout. He falls to the floor, shaking, filled with visions of fire. Oh no!


But apparently it's not a big deal or something because . . .

Next week's episode is about evil dolls and we see Sam in the preview bopping around like normal. Though that could be robo-Sam, carrying his tortured soul in baggie in his pocket.


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