Well, okay, everyone expects the Inquisitor — and it's no surprise when he starts resorting to torture. So it's up to the Ghost's crew to enact a rescue mission before one of their own ends up in one of the Empire's nastier spots.

Last time, Kanan got himself captured by the Inquisitor and Grand Moff Tarkin, and they're pretty quick with the torture. The Inquisitor is a great duelist, but his mental abilities are no match for Kanan's Jedi training. Sorry, dude, but you're not even a cut-rate Darth Vader. You're just handy with a lightsaber.

When the Inquisitor gives up on Force compelling Kanan into revealing the identities of other Rebels, he brings out the zapper Droid. It doesn't get Kanan to talk, but it does give Tarkin the opportunity to paraphrase Boba Fett.

That Kanan doesn't talk isn't necessarily a tribute to his mental fortitude. The truth, as Tarkin quickly suspects, is that Kanan doesn't actually know anything about any other Rebel cells. He just knows what he and the rest of the crew are doing.


See? This is why Hera doesn't tell anyone anything. Because they might get themselves arrested by the Empire and tortured. Sabine may get frustrated with Hera's secrecy and mothering, but Hera's got the right idea here.

However, each of these cells working separately has its drawbacks. Fulcrum (whose identity has not been revealed, but whom we strongly suspect is a certain familiar face) is a bit alarmed as he or she relays the impact of Ezra's message. The Ghost crew may not be able to cool their heels on Lothal much longer.


This is a bit of an in-between episode, following Kanan's arrest and leading it into the season finale (when this freaking guy is going to show up). But what we're seeing is Ezra taking on more of a leadership role in his attempt to learn where the Empire is holding Kanan, and Sabine, Zeb, and Chopper supporting him. But what's happening here is significant: in order to get things done, Ezra outs himself and Kanan as Jedi. This is, of course, a double-edged lightsaber: On the one hand, Jedi are a valuable symbol of hope in the Rebellion. On the other, intel on a Jedi is sure to be a valuable commodity to folks willing to sell them out to the Empire.

Also, I must say that the writers have done a great job of making Chopper a visible character while not making him annoying. There were some astromech arcs in Clone Wars that nearly drove me mad, but I giggled when Chopper booted that courier Droid out of the Ghost after Zeb threatened to keep it.


But I'm really intrigued by what's ahead for the finale. A change of scenery? A major villain? Learning what's been happening to the Jedi captured by the Empire? That's all stuff I'm looking forward to.