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On Saturday Night Live, Ryan Gosling Loses It Over James Cameron's Font Choices

Image: YouTube
Image: YouTube

Last night, Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live, and he took the opportunity to reprise his role as the obsessive, moody driver from 2011's Drive. This time, he only had one thing on his dark mind. Avatar.


Specifically, the fact that James Cameron’s Avatar, one of the most expensive, elaborate motion pictures ever created, reportedly costing $237 million dollars to make, uses the font Papyrus for its logo. Or, at least, a font a lot like it.

After all that work, to make such an ostentatiously lazy choice? Gosling’s character just can’t handle it. That’s a splinter in the mind that’ll drive anybody mad. Things get even worse when his therapist, played by Kate McKinnon, tells him more Avatar movies are coming (with an even more enormous budget) with that same damnable font.


Papyrus. The nerve. You can watch the SNL digital short, “Papyrus,” below.


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The end font.