It was a low-key episode of iZombie last night. Which made every character’s miserable existence just that much more upsetting. But Major took home the gold for Hitting Rock Bottom in the Sadlympics. Spoilers ahead.

The murder in “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues” is pretty grim. In the sense that the twist—which only works because of how aware this show is of tropes at all times—is that there was no motive. Liv’s visions don’t help at all, it’s just normal detective work by Clive that ultimately makes the connection. So there goes the one part of being a zombie that gave Liv purpose.


And was it only me, or was there something off about Peyton’s sudden ability to empathize with Liv? She just seemed to be faking it. Although crashing with her almost boyfriend and his roommate who is hopped up on a drug you’re investigating proves that she makes convenient and poorly thought out decisions. So, yeah, Peyton’s staying with Major and Ravi.

Also, she’s kind of into Blaine. I think Peyton had a head injury while she was away.


Major has decided to test my determination that he’s the worst by getting so low that it feels like bullying to hate on him and his choices. Once you’ve watched a high Major refuse to care about the fate of the dog he took from a maybe-zombie he killed because the CEO of a major corporation’s blackmailing him after having self-loathing sex with the CEO’s spy/daughter, you’ll start feeling for the dude. Not enough to endorse him making out with Liv at the end of the episode, but a bit.

Liv gives a great defense of her actions post-zombieism: why she had to isolate herself and what she gave up and why. I wish I could believe she finally got through to Major. But if there is one thing I know, it’s that nothing gets through to Major.

And that Minor is a perfect name for his dog. Ravi’s the best.

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