iZombie is gearing up for a big finale, and Liv and everyone she knows is in danger. Zombie danger. And Liv’s caused all of it herself.


There are only two episodes left in iZombie’s first season, and “Mr. Beserk” both followed up on the ending of last week’s episode (Noooo, not King Arthur!) and push everyone into danger. From Blaine, as a result of Liv’s nonaction last week. And from a corrupt organization, courtesy of Liv’s bad coping. And possibly from a zombie Liv unwittingly made herself.


We pick up right after Blaine killed Lowell in Liv’s botched assassination attempt. Liv’s being questioned in Lowell’s murder, but, since Blaine has turned the lieutenant into a puppet in his zombie meals on wheels plan, the chief declares it a suicide. So long as Ravi signs off.

Liv’s in no mood to deal with Lowell’s death and her complicity in it, so she goes immediately for the latest brain in the morgue. Even if The alcoholic reporter that was working with Major in investigating the disappearance of teenagers.


Even though Liv wants to get away from everything, there’s no respite from the zombie menace in the reporter’s brain. At first, it looks like her death may be the result of an investigation she was doing into a truly horrible prank — dressing a girl up as a corpse and pretending a fellow college debate team member did it — that triggered a violent psychotic break. Except when Liv and Babinaux visit the kid in a mental hospital, they find out he was a drinker of the energy drink Max Rager. Remember, the one from “Flight of the Living Dead” that the company knew had “murderous outbreaks” as a side effect and is what Ravi pairs with the tainted drugs to turn rats into zombies?

Liv and Babinaux figures out that the reporter’s notes are of incidents of Max Rager causing its drinkers to attack people. Babinaux, correctly, points out that a billion-dollar company needs to be handled carefully before being accused of murdering to cover up a giant liability issue. Liv, whether it’s because she has the brain of a reporter who pursued a story to her own death or because the death of Lowell is driving her to do something right, doesn’t listen.


She barges right into the office of the president of Max Rager, whose name doesn’t matter because he’s played by asshole character actor extraordinaire Steven Weber. When Weber shows up, you know the guy he’s playing is up to no good. The terminally creepy way he talks to the assistant who let Liv in — “Say it with me, ‘I did everything I could,’ set yourself free” — pretty much cements that.

The evidence they need is the memo mentioned in “Flight of the Living Dead,” which shows that the Max Rager knew its drink was dangerous. A man named Sebastian finds Liv in a bar and tells her the memo’s real and he was one of the reporter’s sources. He tells Liv to find the other source, who has the memo and can prove it’s real. Liv finds the source — the assistant — and also finds out that Sebastian is Steven Weber’s hitman.


Liv wakes up on a boat — boats are not good for Liv — with the assistant’s corpse. Sebastian dumps the assistant overboard, a cement block tied to her feet. He does the classic creepy monologue to Liv, even lying down next to her and stroking her face, and Liv goes full zombie, knocking him overboard with the cement block tied to her legs. She also drives the boat over him for good measure.

This week, we also have to deal with Major, the dumbest character on this show. I know, I do, that he’s not a trained investigator or anything. But Major continues to do the worst possible things while investigating things. His heart may be in the right place, but we’ve now seen him get caught breaking into a car, alienating the whole police force, and go to a gym and ask for human brains to help him get muscle mass. Everything he does causes me to throw my hands in the air in exasperation.


And I swear that Major makes Liv dumber, too. Because once Ravi finds out that Major is considering checking himself into a mental health facility and is the target of Blaine and his henchman, he wants to tell Major what’s going on. Liv thinks that Major will be safer in the facility. It’s also going to take all of Major’s money to spend a few weeks there. This is so dumb. Plus, Major meets someone in group therapy who puts him on the zombie tip. So while I was willing to grant Liv the argument that Major has done some dangerous things once he thought that kids were just being murdered and he’ll be worse if he knows they’re being eaten, it’s pointless.

So Major’s in treatment for a condition he does not have — I do not think that the institution he’s in can treat his terminal stupidity— and Liv lets Ravi say Lowell killed himself. And in things going from bad to worse, Sebastian crawls out of the lake a zombie, too.


Liv’s got a giant list of villains who are closing in. Max Rager’s proven it will do anything to protect the company. Sebastian’s a zombie with a vendetta. Blaine’s got to figure out Liv’s connection to Lowell soon, and he’s still got Liv’s brother’s job application to give him access to the brother as leverage. And he’s still got the lieutenant to manipulate. The net’s closing on Liv and she doesn’t even know it.

I continue to mourn the death of Lowell, who added a great dimension to the show and to Liv. While I hope the writers have some plan for Major other than as a living reminder of what Liv’s lost, I can’t help but prefer Lowell to him. Plus, you know, he was played by King Arthur.

And do we have an answer as to whether Sebastian was a zombie the whole time? His comment about Liv having no pulse when she woke up and taking no precautions against zombies seem to hint that he wasn’t. But did he turn because he stuck his finger in Liv’s blood and licked it? That’s different from the biting and scratching we’ve seen before.


The show’s little moments are so good. Liv in the bar gets exchange of the night:

Man: Can I buy..

Liv: Yes.

Man: What’s your...

Liv: No

While Babinaux’s response to “Can’t we just ask where the sketchy douchebag lives?” is “Half of them are law students, we’d be here all day.” Which is more than fair.


Finally, let’s all give good wishes to zombie rat, whom I love unreservedly and pray doesn’t meet a horrible end.

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