On Heroes, HRG Will Be Elle's Father Figure

You can watch six short clips from next week's Heroes finale at IESB. They're mostly things you would expect after this week's episode, but HRG has a fatherly chat with Elle the zappy girl. Juicier spoilers come from Watch With Kristin: Fans won't mourn one person who dies for good (I'm guessing Maya.) But another death, which may or may not be final, will have fans up in arms. Claire's magic blood reverses a third major death within the episode. The latest Heroes had its strongest ratings in eight weeks. [IESB, E!Online]

More news, including a new mystery Tim Burton project, and possibly the cheesiest Sci-Fi Channel movie ever, after the jump.

  • An Sci-Fi Channel original movie, now filming, has all the key elements for schlockitude. Fire Down Below stars Kevin (Andromeda) Sorbo as a seismologist who discovers a strain of pure lithium underground. When a greedy industrialist mixes that lithium with water, affectless calm and binge-eating — I mean, fiery destruction — results. [Tahlequah Daily Press]
  • John August will probably be writing a live-action movie for Tim Burton to direct after the strike ends. But it won't be the Frankenweenie remake, he says. [Slashfilm]
  • The complete cast for Repossession Mambo, the Repo Man rip-off, has been announced. Besides Jude Law and Forest Whitaker, stars include Alice Braga and Carice Van Houten. [Bloody Disgusting]

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