For real. Someone should just sit Kiera down and make her watch the Doctor Who episode "Pyramids of Mars" part two, so she can understand what a moron she's being. In this week's Continuum, Kiera's mistake causes a lot of misery. Spoilers ahead...

For those who missed it, that Doctor Who episode involves the Doctor and Sarah Jane, in 1911, confronting the possibility that the mad god Sutekh will rise up and destroy the world, along with a lot of others. Sarah Jane points out that she's from the year 1980 so she knows the world wasn't destroyed in 1911. In response, the Doctor takes her back to 1980 — which is an airless wasteland.


Seriously, if Kiera watched that sequence a lot of things would become much clearer to her.

So in this episode, we finally learn what Kiera's plan is for dealing with the mess that's been created since she arrived in 2012. She wants to travel back to 2077, and arrive just before the Liber8 execution, when she and the terrorists were sent back in time. And then, she can prevent herself from ever having traveled in time in the first place.

Except that it probably won't work that way — everything we've seen of time travel in Continuum suggests that Kiera and the other time travelers are creating a new timeline that doesn't interact with their original track. (For example, the Liber8 crew killed Kellog's grandmother, and Kellog was still fine.) So if Kiera does return to 2077, even if it's the day before she left, she'll probably face a "Pyramids of Mars part 2" scenario. It'll be a wasteland, or whatever else results from 65 years of changes to the timeline.


Alec tries to explain this to Kiera — saying that she might find "nothing" when she gets back to 2077 — but she just shrugs it off. Kiera's hell-bent on getting the assembled time machine to Escher, who has the antimatter power source she needs to trigger it. Unfortunately, Escher has decided that Kiera is "the time bomb" who carries destruction in her wake, and thus he's no longer willing to work with her. (What changed Escher's mind? We may never know. Maybe he just saw how sloppy Kiera is.)

And either Escher or the Freelancers, or both, have decided to frame Kiera for the murder of Gardiner, putting his body in the trunk of his car with a thumb drive full of stuff that makes it look like Kiera killed Gardiner because he found out she was a Liber8 terrorist.

In any case, Kiera's insistence on trying to use the time travel device brings disaster, because the Freelancers are able to track the device once it's fully assembled. They come to collect it, plus any loose time travelers in the vicinity, and wind up shooting Alec's girlfriend Emily when she tosses it away.

Meanwhile, Emily confesses the truth to Alec, after Kellog already threatened to blow her cover. And it goes pretty well, by the usual standards of "it started as an assignment but then my feelings became real" talks.

And Alec also receives a DNA test result that apparently proves that Jason is his real father — which means that Alec's father is a time traveler! Does that mean there's a timeline where nobody traveled back in time and Alec was never born? (Or at least, where Alec had a different, non-time-traveling, father?) Alec confronts Jason, who admits he lived with Alec's family when Alec was a child and seems to hint that he does indeed have a deep family connection with Alec.


Kellog, meanwhile, is all-out determined to go after Escher. And now that Travis and Sonya have apparently mended their relationship completely — Travis has completely forgotten all the times Sonya tried to kill him, because hey, it's Vancouver — Kellog recruits Travis' help. In return, he gives Travis access to the lab, where Travis can get the spare CPS supersuit and bully Alec into rebooting his military CMR. Now Travis is an unstoppable supersoldier.

In any case, at the end of the episode Emily's dead, largely because Kiera prioritized saving the time machine over protecting Emily. (Because Kiera has never seen "Pyramids of Mars." Which is too bad, it's really good. And it's got Sarah Jane Smith blowing up a spaceship with a shotgun and some fishing dynamite.) Alec is pissed, and gets a look in his eyes that we've never quite seen before — except maybe on the face of Old Alec, who's become a bit of a monster. Could the death of Emily be one of the things that starts Alec down a horrible path? Alec goes off to confront Escher, who sent Emily to him in the first place. And meanwhile, Kiera goes into the lab and randomly decides to reboot her CMR. What is Kiera hoping to achieve? Maybe we'll find out next week.