Mercury the cat was found at five weeks old with no front legs. His limbs were unfortunately too injured to accommodate prosthetics, so being the industrious cat that he is, he instead learned to walk on his hind legs. This makes Mercury's perhaps the fuzziest, most adorable T. rex impressions in the history of T. rex impressions.

The people who adopted this bipedal feline have set up a Facebook page called Raising Mercury, where you'll find an afternoon-consuming collection of photos and videos of his progress. We highly recommend checking it out, but we definitely advise clearing your schedule ahead of time. If all you can spare is a few minutes, we recommend having a look at some of our favorite shots of Mercury, which we've included below.

Mercury at 5 weeks old, the day his owners brought him into their home.

Tremble before Mercury. Hear him roar.

[Raising Mercury via Brian Switek]