"You ladies coming to work today?" And with that one line, Gabe hangs a lampshade on the fact the Cat's given up on her job as a police officer this season of Beauty and the Beast. She's pretty much given up on anything except Vincent, the titular Beast.

Spoilers ahead...

This whole amnesia plot, and the loss of the "police procedural" element, are not working out for Cat's character. She's obsessed with Vincent. And either it's meant to show how blind devotion can be dangerous or the writing's just awful. Even if it's on purpose, she's still acting stupid in ways that are so ridiculous that they've got to be plot convenience.


In the aftermath of the mauling of Muirfield, there's essentially a manhunt for Vincent. Tess and Gabe make the very salient points that Vincent's now killing in a more brutal way before and isn't just acting in self-defense. But Cat won't hear it. As far as she's concerned, that's revenge. Which is apparently a good justification for murder.

Also, she thinks that if she can just spend time with him, she can change him. I think we're supposed to be on Cat's side here, since we know all about the brainwashing and the FBI controlling Vincent, but she doesn't know that. She just looks irrational.

Since putting him in familiar settings and telling him about the past didn't fix Vincent's amnesia, Cat's now thinking a full experience would help. JT points out that they tracked down Muirfield last time, which they used to do before, didn't do that. But Cat thinks a romantic dinner on her roof will do the trick.


Vincent follows her to the roof, and neither the picnic basket nor the venue proves to be an instant amnesia cure. And her interrogation about what he did the night before (mauled Muirfield), doesn't help. He disappears, and JT bitches at her for not carrying an tranquilizers. Because she's the worst.

It turns out that Gabe and Tess aren't the worst, because they figured out that Tess's rambling about how they "connected" means that Vincent's been to her place. They've set up surveillance around her place and can track him. Cat snarks that Gabe's "Worse than the NSA," ditches Tess and Gabe, and tells TJ that she's not going to call Tess for backup because she might bring along Gabe. Worst. Detective. Ever.

She tracks Vincent to Rikers, where she once again refuses Tess's help. And then Vincent kidnaps her. WORST.

After she's been kidnapped, Cat keeps telling Vincent that she knows him and he won't hurt her. And then they have sex. To... try to cure amnesia? No, seriously, Cat says "If that doesn't bring things back, I don't know what will." It doesn't work, so they get ready to try again, but Vincent gets a call. That call causes Vincent to re-tie her to a chair and leave. Oh god, that's just gross and awful.

And, if the point of this whole plot was to have Cat and Vincent rediscover their love, isn't the second episode a little fast? Also, ew.

Meanwhile, Tess, Gabe, and JT are actually doing good detective work. JT ends up explaining the whole picnic thing, and Gabe and Tess have appropriately exasperated responses. Seriously, she had ridiculous plan and she didn't even take the tranq with her.


JT gets the password to Cat's car's GPS, and Gabe figures out that the signal from her phone closest to her car (Vincent's set it up to ping everywhere) is probably her location. Gabe also goes to get her alone, since JT wouldn't be willing to shoot Vincent and Tess would happily put a bunch of rounds into him. Gabe manages to not say "I told you so," but, wow, is he entitled to. Cat's "a little embarrassed," which, she should be a lot embarrassed.

After they find out Vincent's trying to save a girl that another Beast is after, Gabe once again shows that he's way more on the ball. He figures out that Beasts are being bought and used for various purposes, and that this is likely what's going on with Vincent. And instead of investigating to see if Vincent's being controlled, she just confronts Vincent with this theory. This triggers a Beast rage-out, and Cat tells Gabe that he's right, Vincent's too dangerous.

It's almost like making Cat an awful detective is also a plot device designed to make Gabe's transition to ally really easy to bear. Which, it does. He looks great in this episode. But it comes at the expense of being able to empathize with Cat. It's really lazy writing.


Now, maybe the last scene means an end to love-stupid Cat. Even if it is, it's probably going to mean the beginning of angsty-conflicted Cat. How much you want to bet that it means Cat's going to be obsessed with capturing Vincent, be constantly conflicted by her love, and continue to make hideous mistakes as a detective?