“Beyond Redemption” was an episode of Arrow that aired on television. That’s all anyone will ever have to say about it. Its primary feature was disappointment, but each of these storylines did have at least one highlight. Spoilers ahead...

Felicity Disappoints Curtis

Felicity’s secret cell phone message gets scrutinized by Curtis. Everyone who was thinking “Calculator/Felicity’s Father” can pay up, because it’s Ray Palmer’s old code. Felicity is in deep denial about Ray’s death—which seems irrational, but actually makes sense, since how many characters on this show are really permanently dead? She refuses to listen to the message, which disappoints Curtis, who would give anything for one last contact with his dead brother. So Felicity finally does listen to the message.


The One Highlight: Curtis has been guessing at who the Green Arrow is, and guesses “Neal Adams,” who in the show is an amateur archer at Palmer Tech and outside of the show is a famed comic book artist who worked on the Green Lantern/Green Arrow road trip books.

Everyone Is Disappointed That Ollie is Running for Mayor


Thea is specifically disappointed, because she assumed that Ollie and Felicity were getting engaged when Oliver said he had a big announcement. And they’re not wrong to be disappointed. When they ask him about his policies and campaign strategy his answers amount to, “Me like this city!” and “Me strong!”

Also, his primary financial backer is Felicity. How great would it be if this were an actual campaign. “Yes, the only person contributing to my campaign is that chick I’m banging. Why yes, she did used to be my personal assistant, why do you ask? I mean, after me she was Ray Palmer’s vice president . . . okay, yes, she banged him, too. And he died. And now she has his company. You know what, no more questions!”

Ollie, meanwhile, is disappointed with their disappointment, and begins to get ticked off when they all are so much happier with the new Arrowcave beneath his campaign office than they are with his political plans.


The One Highlight: When they finish giving everyone a tour of the cave, an alert goes off on one of the computers and Laurel, brilliant attorney, asks, “Did it break?” While Felicity, tech wizard, can’t work the chair.

Quentin is Disappointed With Laurel

Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Laurel is keeping her feral resurrected sister chained to the radiator in her basement! That is so screwed up I can’t even stand it! And Quentin really can’t stand it. He’s horrified, and goes to Damien Darhk for advice. The advice is “put her down,” because as we learned from his puppy speech a few episodes ago, that’s Darhk’s advice for everything. (Seriously, this guy is an embittered veterinarian.) Quentin tries to do this. Laurel stops him. Sara escapes.


The One Highlight: I just realized Laurel has become the Britta of this series. Used to be a sharp, together, if sometimes overly judgmental, woman and the primary love interest of the lead. Now she’s a total screeching mess of a screw-up who is Britta-ing everything. And that’s great. Because I love Britta.

Ollie is Disappointed With Lance

While Quentin Lance was getting advice from the guy who has been murdering his officers and wreaking havoc on his city about how to kill his feral daughter, he’s observed by Ollie. And with that, Ollie is done with Lance’s annoying self-righteous ranting forever—but he will use Lance to infiltrate Darhk’s organization.


The One Highlight: No more moralizing speeches from Quentin Lance!

Rutina Wesley is Disappointed in her Search for a Likable Role

The woman who suffered the fate no one deserves, playing Tara on True Blood, is back. She’s a special forces cop who is stealing drugs and, presumably, selling them, then moving the money to a bank account off shore. She actually does pretty well, and nearly Banes Ollie in the spine, but Quentin reminds her that she loves justice and this city and all the rest and she decides to stop. Which means she can’t even do evil right.


The One Highlight: Seeing Laurel finally break out the Canary Cry!

The Disappointing Wig-less Report

Another evil drug-farm slaver guard doesn’t believe that Oliver killed the lady. So Oliver fakes her death with magica special hand touch and shows the guard her body and now the guard believes he killed the lady. But then it’s all for nothing because Ollie can’t hide his backpack right and the guard finds his ARGUS communicator.


The One Highlight: I got nothin’.