Illustration for article titled On iArrow/i, Damien Darhk Does What Everyone Except the Characters Knew He Would Do

From the moment Oliver Queen decided to run for mayor we thought this would happen, and after last week’s episode, we were certain. Last night, the inevitable happened, and it came as a shock to no one... except the characters.


“Code of Silence,” was a lot of sound and fury to get us to one development. It was decent sound and fury, admittedly: we got well-choreographed fights, Ollie getting unintentionally glitter-bombed by Donna Smoak, Curtis making Felicity a “neuro-stimulant” to let her walk down the aisle and getting called “Terrific,” and Oliver Queen in a debate.

But someone (Thea) finally learned that Oliver Queen has a secret love child, which means at least two characters have absolutely no excuse whatsoever for not seeing this coming.

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