Here are the stars we are most likely to visit after leaving the solar system

Astronaut and doctor Mae Jemison heads a group called the 100 Year Starship, which is devoted to making interstellar travel a reality in 100 years. The group takes donations to sponsor scientific and cultural projects that will take humans beyond our solar system. And they've just produced this gorgeous video, showing some of the stars we might visit after that first journey a century from now.


This video, called "Look Up," was created by The Barbarian Group.

You can donate to the 100 Year Starship Project here, and you'll also get a screensaver version of this inspiring video.



On a slightly unrelated note: I highly recommend the "game" Star Engine, which procedurally generates the whole universe to scale out side of known stars etc, even allowing you land on planets you find.

Such as this beauty of a world that's tidally locked, which has life- I found it in the Andromeda galaxy.