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Omni Magazine is coming back to life!

Illustration for article titled Omni Magazine is coming back to life!

Omni Magazine influenced a generation of science fiction-fans and scientists, and it had a huge role in inspiring io9. So it's amazing news that investor Jeremy Frommer is bringing the magazine back to life online, with science writer Claire Evans as the new editor.


According to the Verge, Evans stumbled into editing the new Omni by accident:

The chain of events began in April, when she wrote an effusive piece on Omni for Motherboard. A few weeks later, her editor approached her about investigating the recently resurfaced Omni archives. "As I was interviewing my current employer, Jeremy Frommer, about the collection, he essentially just offered me the job," she says. "That was a little bit over a month ago."


It sounds as though Omni will be updated weekly, and will include fiction by original Omni contributors like Rudy Rucker and Bruce Sterling alongside science writing. Can't wait!

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I remember the first time I read the concept of nanotechnology in their pages:

My mind just