OMG This Insane Orphan Black Trailer is Blowing Our Minds

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If you weren't already excited for the second season of Orphan Black, you're about to be. This (finally longer than a few seconds) new trailer has so much stuff packed inside of it. Including lots more of the big bad clone, Rachel. WATCH.


Just a few of the things we noticed:

  • BALD DEAD CLONE. Who is this? What is she sick from, or is this just a hairstyle? Either way, new clones!
  • Clone Alison is drinking and kicking ass, a lot.
  • Cosima appears to be held captive by Rachel: "Cosima will suffer."
  • Sarah is tied to a shower and screaming.
  • Mrs. S is back!
  • Rachel appears to be more of the big bad than Leekie. Is he just a pawn?
  • Details on "project Leda" are revealed
  • That hot guy from Treme and Nashville is kissing Sarah (hot).
  • Felix is back!

So, so, so much good in here. Can't wait to have these girls back!

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

There was also a mention of 9 clones. If they aren't counting the original then they have limited Maslany's parts to a mere 10. Each one distinct and recognizable enough as an individual that if you didn't tell a casual watcher, they may feel it is a different actress.

We have already seen

  • Beth
  • Sarah
  • Allison
  • Cosima
  • Katja
  • Helena
  • Rachel

"Only" two or three more.