Olivia A Little Too Wilde Over Tron 2?

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You can have your beardless and hot male lead for the new Tron movie — I'll be sticking with Olivia Wilde, who's been talking up a storm about the upcoming virtual sequel.


While Wilde's enthusiasm for Tron 2.0 (or Tr2n, or 2ron or whatever the hell it's calling itself today) may be obvious, what struck us about her interview with Sci Fi Wire was just how secretive a movie this seems to be:

Of course, I'm, you know, in a total cone of silence here, so I can't give you anything interesting. But the film will be just as impressive for our time as it was in 1982 for the original. The technological advances have, of course, been enormous, and the effects that we have access to have been so revolutionary. ... We saw an incredible advancement in technology with the use of the face replacement in Benjamin Button, and I think that is marking some of what's to come, and certainly .... in the direction of Tron. Just as far as people being incredibly innovative and taking huge steps forward as far as using technology to create alternative realities. And I think that it's really going to please people that it's going to be just as kind of huge and shocking and just as much of a new movie-watching experience as the first one was.

Part of that pleasure, of course, came from the Light Cycles of the first movie, but ask Wilde whether she gets to ride one in the new movie and you get this response:

[squeals] I can't tell you!!! But I want to! I want to! I'm afraid I'd be murdered before I left the building [laughs].

Okay, someone needs to cut down on Olivia's meds right now. No more squealing or paranoid delusions of people murdering her for today, please.

She did, however, admit that the previously released description of the character she plays in the movie - "someone who works in the virtual world to defeat the Master Control Program" - wasn't exactly correct ("I tell you, it's not a great description. I don't know who made it up. Someone's grasping for straws there.") and confirmed Bruce Boxleitner's involvement in the sequel:

He's so fantastic, Bruce. He's been telling us all about the process of making the first one. And it's just great. Like, they were on an entirely black velvet set, wearing white bodysuits that they weren't allowed to sweat in, even though there was a bank of lights so powerful that they caused a brownout in Burbank. So they weren't allowed to sweat. They're running around in white suits on black velvet with these lights. And they were saying terms that for the time had no meaning for them. They didn't know what a "program" was. Bruce was saying they were ... pulling these things out of, like, sci-fi dictionaries. I mean, they had no idea.


Olivia Wilde Reveals A Few Secrets From Tr2n, With A Blast From The Past [SciFi Wire]



Couldn't Cone OF Silence also be a Get Smart (latest movie) reference?

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble :P

And, shame on you io9 for talking about Olivia Wilde and not including multiple pics. SHAME! (though that choice is very much applauded)