Old-school space playgrounds were awesome and/or death traps

We recently posted the greatest intergalactic play-fort of all time. Here are some more spaced-out playplaces, replete with robots, spaceships, tetanus, fractured sternums, and lawsuits waiting to happen.

Out of all these playgrounds, Giganta the robot blows the competition away. Let me count the ways:

1.) Killer slogan - "A robot that automatically produces fun!"
2.) Those poor tots are jailed inside his torso. He's the prototype to the Sentinels from X-Men.
3.) Unlike the wussy plastic playgrounds of today, Giganta is made entirely of metal that cauterizes flesh in the afternoon sun.
4.) Look at that ad. There's approximately 50 kids crammed like sardines in that thing. This is like Bruegel's depictions of hell.


In short, I so want one.

[via Plaid Stallions]


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