newVideoPlayer("/True_Blood_loveme.flv", 506, 423,""); This week on True Blood, we meet Eddie, played by the wonderful Stephen Root (Dodge Ball, News Radio). Eddie is the friendly old gay that likes strapping young men and 80s power ballads. While our boy Lafayette stops by for his weekly draining, we get a peek into the pretty hum-drum life of Eddie (besides his moments with Lafayette). Best line of the night, "I always look forward to Monday nights, first I watch Heroes, then I have you." Aw such a sweet old vamp.Fangbangers are getting it left and right, including that poor little boy from the funeral home that liked to wear pleather and hang out with vamp folk over at the Fangtasia watering hole. If you can't be a Hot Topic-loving fangbanger safely in Fangtasia, where can you? Sam and Tara have a lovers' spat, while angry Tara unleashes on everyone because she can't deal with her life coming together. We find out how Sookie and Jason's parent died (flash flood). And finally Sookie acts like the most annoying kind of girl in the world: one who's in love for the first time. You know that girl, she's the one who thinks that their relationship is flawless and perfect and feels the need to high-horse it around and force others to deal with her annoying love-babble. The Pros And Cons Of This Weeks True Blood: Pro: The demon wouldn't let Tara's mom make pancakes, truly that demon was pure evil.

Pro: Sookie is all pissed because Tara is happy and her boyfriend might be dead. Although she flashes the images of her dead grandma while cleaning up the mud on the floor, we all know she's really more upset about Bill being dead. This is totally in character for her "I have a boyfriend and he's awesome" shtick that comes later. Sookie even goes straight to his grave at night and cries. Where was all this sadness when grammy passed?


Pro: Aw after V juice tantric sex glow, Amy calls Jason wise and he's all lovey dovey. But then she continues to preach on about how the cleaner her body is the more intensely she feels the V, along with freaking out over all the dead stuffed animals in Merlottes. Even though her hippie/yippie talk bothers me to no end, it's pretty spot-on for her character. Also I adore how she uses her lame ideals to justify what she and Jason do to gay Eddie. "It's the hunt." Yeah, keep telling yourself that, sister.

Pro: Sookie babbles on about her BF Vamp around Rene and Hoyt and totally misses the "you're an idiot look" from both sets of guys. Then later, loudly says "I don't think my BOYFRIEND likes silver" to Amy when she asks if she wanted some jewelry. Ugh so annoying and totally realistic. We get it — you have a boyfriend and you guys have sex. Talk about it some more.


Pro: B 12 is the new birth control pill, or something like that.

Pro: Oak Ridge Boys Tribute Band, where is this band and when can I go? ...giddy up oom poppa omm poppa mow mow.

Pro: Tara fighting with (or lashing out at) Sam, very believable and I think we may have all had these type of fights.

Pro: More Renee, more adorable awesome Renee proposing and calling his red headed sweetie bebe. "Why didn't you say anything at the Red Lobster?" from his newly engaged Arlene almost ruined it for me, because weren't they pushing "we're a redneck couple" enough with the Oak Ridge Boys tribute band, hit us over the head a little more with the stereotypes, fellas.


Pro: The entire moment with Eddie and Lafayette. Nelsan Ellis is an incredible actor, he is the saving grace of this show. Lafayette is seducing and siphoning off this old vamp Eddie, and I buy it. I believe every minute of it, and eat it up just like Eddie does. Plus having Stephen Root on True Blood is the ultimate PRO.

Pro: Silver hoods are the new leather hoods. That scene was brutal and pretty brilliant. Good idea, Amy. And well, you know, terrible idea. Because I'm sure this won't backfire at all.


Con: Sookie brings flowers to Bill Compton's grave. I see how sad you really are now. Poor grandma, will no one visit her?

Con: Dirty Bill is covered in dirt when he comes out of the ground, and immediately has more angry (or happy?) sex with Sookie. Ok I don't want to get too graphic but the man is COVERED in dirt, that brings up all sorts of bad images in my head. Curse you, True Blood, for making me think that, not hot at all, blach ack yuck.


Con: "I want to not have sex with you again so bad you don't even know," from Jason. Hmmmmm, I'm still having a hard time believing that hippie yoga tantric non-sex is better than actual sex on V.

Con: Sookie lets Bill around Arlene and Rene's kids. Pretty lame of her not to tell them that he would be there. I wouldn't be cool with it either if that was all of a sudden sprung on me, he's still a vampire not just some dude.


Con: Blatant vampires-are-gay-people attempt, when Renee asks if Sookie and Bill will get hitched "when it's legal."

Con: Bill has dry cleaning, was this an attempt to make him look normal or assimilated within today's culture? It doesn't work.


Con: Eric is all nakey in Bill's tub, does anyone take showers in this town? Also this is not helping the "I'm a badass viking" case for Eric. But he gets props for the texting line.

Con: Sam pouring out the bottles of Tru Blood, are we going to go down the segregation road now? Sigh. Well as long as there is more TV anti-vamp stuff going on I'm slightly interested. We end on yet another cliff hanger where Vampire bartender is lunging at Sookie for uncovering his thieving ways at the demands of Eric. And because I love you all here's some "Elvira" from the Oak Ride Boys:

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