Okay, Why Wasn't This Iron Man 3's Credit Sequence?

Seriously, what's better than Iron Man credits, set to the "The Stripper," that feature a dancing animated suit coming apart? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Higher quality video can be found at Art of the Title's interview with creative director Danny Yount, who says of this bit of concept art:

The first presentation I did with Ilya Abulhanov was very rigid and technically ambitious, but Kevin and Shane wanted none of that! They were more open to ideas that were a little wacked out and fun, like one edit that Kyle Cooper made of Iron Man doing a striptease in his removable suit, haha. So that began a conversation with him and Kevin of what they wanted.


"Wacked out and fun" or "perfect"? Art of the Title was also kind enough to provide for your gif needs here. This is my personal favorite:


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Dr. Fortyseven

In this batch of comments: people who are unable to have fun and are treating this like a serious suggestion instead of just having a laugh.