Okay, Who Stole the Head of Nosferatu's Director From His Grave?

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Fess up. Someone broke into a cemetery in Germany and stole the head of director F.W. Murnau, of Nosferatu fame. Put it back! Damn kids and their grave-robbing.


It’s not a grudge against the Murnaus in general, since F.W. is buried in his family plot in Stahnsdorf, Germany and his brother’s nearby graves were undisturbed. And in case you thought this was a random ... posthumous decapitation, it seems that this was the only body dug up.

According to Der Spiegel (via Variety), there was wax residue found near the grave, “pointing to a possible occult connection.” What kind of cult requires the head of a 1930s film director? The fake kind. I’m betting on “drunk college kids” over “occult ritual.”


These particular idiots aren’t the first ones to mess with Murnau’s grave, which may lead to the cemetery either sealing the grave or re-burying Murnau’s body separately. They claim it’s because people keep breaking in to the grave. But could it actually be because of the undead?

No. It’s because someone stole a famous director’s head.

[via The Guardian]

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