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Okay, Someone Explain to Me What the Red Sox and Star Trek Have In Common

This isn’t a riddle. I swear to god, I need someone to give me the reason that the Boston Red Sox are having a Star Trek night.


I do know that baseball was important to Deep Space 9, but that still does not connect these two things. On the one hand, at least the choice of date is September 22, which is when the first episode of Star Trek aired. On the other hand, it’s 2015, which is the always commemorated 49th anniversary. Seriously, guys, what am I missing that explains this?

... I mean, of course, what I am missing other than a craven attempt to bilk money out of people by hoping that fusing two well-known names into one event will expand the audience of the event enough that a greater number of tickets are sold. An explanation other than “capitalism” and “#brands,” please.


Well, I guess Star Trek has to gain ground in the war with Star Wars, which has held onto themed baseball nights for too long. The giant foam Vulcan salute hands are pretty fun, too:

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[Red Sox via Trek News]

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