We get it: Tatiana Maslany can play any character she wants to play. But the truly exciting things are going down are going down at the Hendrix household, where proper housekeeping just became a matter of life and death.

So a new guy breezes into town looking for Beth Childs. That's exciting enough, even before we realize that Tony has a very familiar face.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the transgender clone.

Tony's a naive clone whose monitor just died, and suddenly Art and Felix have become the gatekeepers between Tony and all of the insanity of Clone Club. On the one hand, they think that Tony has a right to know the circumstances surrounding his birth, but they don't think that, as non-clones, that they should be the ones to break the news. The result is a Felix-heavy episode, where Felix has to tussle with the suspicious and swaggering Tony before Tony runs off with the secret message he has for Beth.


Figuratively tussle, although for a moment it looks like it might be literal.

Tony is, in fact, a lot like Sarah. He exudes bravado. He's a career criminal. His loyalty is hard-won. And learning that he's a clone does nothing to shake his sense of reality; after all, he's already worked hard on establishing his own identity. Much like Sarah told Paul, "There's only one of me," Tony quips to Sarah, "There's only one Tony, and you're not me, sucker." But the fact that Tony reminds us—and Felix—so much of Sarah makes this so very uncomfortable to watch:


This was more or less my reaction:

While Tony's plot did little to move the Orphan Black story forward it did, in addition to showing off Maslany's character acting, carry one key piece of information. Tony's monitor, Sammy, referred to himself and Paul as "ghosts." Could it be that Paul deliberately got himself entangled with Dyad and serves a completely different master, one we may not have even met? It certainly casts his relationship with Rachel in a much more interesting light.


Oh, speaking of Rachel, her Doctor Moreau-loving papa has agreed to work for the Dyad, but the second reunion between father and daughter doesn't go terribly well. Ethan isn't too sensitive about telling Rachel that the clones were deliberately rendered infertile. They were a proof-of-concept and the Project Leda scientists couldn't have them reproducing willy-nilly. It's that—not Leekie's sudden exit—that has Rachel smashing everything in Leekie's office. Rachel, I hope that, if you have a baby, it makes you less angry.

Hmm, but meanwhile, Ethan has also taken an interest in Kira that seems somewhat grandfatherly, reading her the same book he read to Rachel and giving her the copy with his notes hidden inside. Kira may be Sarah's kid, but there are a lot of strange influences in her life. Rachel grew up self-aware, but Kira has an ever-growing family of diverse role models. How will she grow up?


Alison's back from rehab! Good for you, Alison. Too bad Donnie is in a post-murder funk. After telling Donnie off last week, Alison is trying to make things work with her freshly enlightened husband. They even have a late-night bonding session where she confesses her murder-by-inaction of Aynsley (Side note: This character has been dead for eight episodes and I'm still looking up the correct spelling of her name.) and Donnie, relieved, admits that he killed Leekie. The problem? Leekie's body is still in the back of his car. The bigger problem? Donnie is terrible at covering up murder. Just call Alison the Wolf.

Then there's Cosima. Poor, poor Cosima. She is keeping Delphine in the cold, at least until kicking Scott's pals' collective asses in a strategy game cheers her up.


Then she gets Delphine high and has a great, "Fuck you, I love you," reality check with her. I am very, very worried that Cosima is headed for the grave (or, let's be realistic, the autopsy table), because it sounds like the show is setting Delphine up to become a potentially fierce defender of the clones—something that could very well happen if Cosima dies.


And Cosima is very much in danger right now. Mere moments after she reveals her health/clone status to Scott and meets Ethan (ominously, her "maker"), she starts to seize. Sarah, we know things are complicated now, but Cosima could really use some of Kira's bone marrow about now.