OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes Has Been Cancelled

K.O. doing what he does best: being a great kid.
K.O. doing what he does best: being a great kid.
Image: Cartoon Network

This week, while discussing the OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes’ special episode that saw the heroes of Turbo Plaza teaming up with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friend-who-is-just-a friend Tails, series creator Ian Jones-Quartey quietly announced a bit of news that nobody wanted to hear.

While speaking with Den of Geek, Jones-Quartey mentioned that now that the Sonic special is in the can, the show’s crew is looking forward to K.O.’s next batch of adventures, which will culminate in the series’ finale after three seasons:

“Well now that we’re through with Sonic, I’m really hoping that everybody binges, gets caught up, watches every week, and joins us for the series finale, which is gonna play later this year. It’s the culmination of a lot of things that we’ve been working on, and it’s just coming out to be a whole lot of fun. In OK K.O.! we do our big serious stories, but we always make sure that for every deep dark thing, there’s like a million jokes to help you ride through. I hope everybody joins us for that.”


Because the Sonic episode literally just aired and this was the first that many were hearing of the show coming to a close, it wasn’t entirely certain whether something had been miscommunicated, but today Jones-Quartey took to his personal Twitter account to clear up any confusion.

If you’ve been keeping up with OK K.O.!’s more recent arcs that have become somewhat more serious in tone, then Jones-Quartey’s tweet makes a lot more sense. The show’s felt as if it was in the process of moving into a new phase of its story that the team was more than excited to get into. Unfortunately, it seems as if that shift was necessary because the network decided it was time to bring things to a close.

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Just to note, it’s unknown if because of ratings. The Sonic crossover episode was the highest rated premiere CN had last weekend, netting about 362,000 viewers, which was more than the new episodes of Ninjago (324,000), Craig of the Creek (348,000), Victor and Valentino (293,000), and Bakugan Battle Planet (226,000) aired that same weekend. Though unlike those other shows, the Sonic episode was not put on the app before it aired, so maybe it’s not as impressive as it seems.

Especially given it’s a weekend. Here’s the ratings for the new episodes airing the Monday after:

Scooby-Doo & Guess Who? - 387,000
Teen Titans Go! - 439,000
Mao Mao - 337,000 (first half), 341,000 (second half)
Infinity Train - 461,000 (first half), 470,000 (second half)

BTW, just to provide context, the highest rated premieres on Cartoon Network this year have been Steven Universe: Change Your Mind (989,000 viewers), The Jungle Book 2016 (835,000), and most episodes of Dragon Ball Super (usually at least 700,000). Descendants 3 got 4,594,000 viewers (which makes it the worst performing Descendants movie, actually), in case you had any inkling that CN actually stopped being the #3 kids cable channel for a few minutes. The last time CN actually got anywhere close to that number in the ratings was Adventure Time in 2014 with 3,321,000 viewers.