Oh, So That's Who Daniel Craig Played in The Force Awakens

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One of the least crazy rumors about The Force Awakens was that somehow, James Bond actor Daniel Craig had filmed a cameo. Now we know it’s true, and who he played, so more spoilers for The Force Awakens! Also Daniel Craig, guess.


Ready? Hope so.

Remember when Kylo Ren imprisons Rey, and leaves her in that interrogation chair, guarded by a single Stormtrooper? That would be Craig, who joined the scene for “sh–s and grins,” according to a source quoted by Entertainment Weekly. (He’s the ‘trooper who tells Rey “I’ll tighten those restraints, scavenger scum,” in case you’re still having trouble placing him.)


So one Force Awakens mystery solved! Now, only a few dozen left to go...

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