Oh No, Civil War II Really Is Happening

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A few months ago, Marvel started teasing a sequel to its 2006 comic book event Civil War. Now, it looks like it’s really happening: the company have revealed the creative team that will pen the follow-up, as well as a potential release date (Spoilers: it’s conveniently just in time for the movie).


A promotional calendar sent to comic book retailers to highlight a swathe of upcoming Marvel Comics in the next year includes art of Iron Man and Captain America as they currently appear in the company’s post Secret Wars “All-New, All-Different” lineup, duking it out. It’s the same art featured on the previous postcard that teased Civil War II: Attack of the Registration Acts, but this time, it features a creative team attached, presumably the team that will work on the series: Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez, the current duo on Invincible Iron Man.

The team reveal was first spotted by Comicbook.com, which then reached out for clarification from Marvel, who confirmed that Civil War II: Live Free Or Die Civil was indeed happening. The artwork features on the April page of the Calendar, which might indicate a release period—which would line up nicely with Captain America: Civil War’s May 6th release.

(Update: Marvel has officially released the artwork included in the calendar, which you can see above.)

Aside from the bizarre problem of the events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, already inspired by the comics, inspiring a return to a familiar story from said comics just for a tie-in, the trouble with a return to Civil War is that the comic itself wasn’t exactly the greatest material in the first place. The gritty and grim arc overwhelmed Marvel’s comics at the time, as every hero imaginable got caught up with the battle over a potential Superhero Registration Act, and it devolved into a hamfisted excuse for characters who were friends and allies to punch each other in the face for no real reason.

That’s not to instantly say that Civil War II: Bigger, Badder, and More Civil would commit the same sins as its predecessor. But if it’s not going to be in that same vein, what’s the point of using the name? Why not just come up with another way to get heroes fighting each other? We’ll hold out hope for now that this sequel could at least be interesting—there’s already evidence for that in Marvel’s Civil War spinoff comic from Secret Wars this year, which twisted the idea in a pretty imaginative way—but for now, the thought of Civil War II: Dude, Where’s My Registration Act? doesn’t exactly fill us with confidence.


[Via Comicbook.com]


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