Oh No! Aliens Have Taken Over Answers.Com!

In our constant search for news of extraterrestrial life, we came across the following question at Answers.com, which appeared to be a desperate attempt to communicate:

What Science fiction book Aliens invade destroying human population Group of humans discover an underground race with a weapon that can defeat the aliens?


I'm not sure what's scarier: that question, or the answer that someone else posted:

i don't belive this but im only nine yrs old.yeah,there may be aliens but not in our galaxy.thats my answer.if you don't agree then give wiki.answers and i proof.


Is this person really a curious nine-year-old, demanding that someone untangle the Fermi Paradox right now? Or is it an alien, trying to winnow out anyone who might have uncovered proof of their existence? Actually, the best part is Answer.com's list of rephrasings of the original question:

Does aliens sleep? Are aliens murderers? Can aliens transport? Where was aliens seen? The aliens why is here? Where do aliens located? Dose jupiter have aliens? First to discover aliens? Is their aliens around us? Have any aliens been found? Are aliens peacful or harmful? Did einstein believe in aliens? What is your discovory of aliens? Who came up with the idea of aliens? Are aliens going to invade Earth in 2012? How did scienctists prove aliens science fiction? Is there an aliens game on sega mega drive upset aliens 3? Why do many scientists object to the presence of alien life in science fiction?

If you can answer any of these questions, go post at Answers.Com and I'm sure the aliens will come find you soon afterwards. [Answers.Com]

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J.D. Buffington

I submitted a question of my own: [wiki.answers.com]