Oh My God How Is This Amazing Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer Not Real

Sorry, BBC America; your paltry attempts at a Doctor Who series 8 trailer have just been trounced by this beyond incredible, fan-made trailer for the upcoming season starring Peter Capaldi. Watch it, and seriously, you won't believe your eyes.


This incredible video — which I have to stress, again, was actually made by a fan by the name of John Smith— has gotten me more excited for more Doctor Who than anything else has. Thanks to Shannon for the tip!

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James Whitbrook

It's a bloody lovely trailer - the face editing for Clara was a bit dodgy but the Capaldi stuff was basically perfect - but still, I think the weirdly hostile response to the BBC's teaser is... well, weird.

It was just a bit of fluff to announce not even a transmission date, but a transmission month. It didn't need to be a full on trailer for Series 8, it was just a short little thing to put out on TV (to which, as per usual, Who fans whined 'but why isn't it mooooore?') instead of some piddly press release.