OH MY GOD Bret McKenzie is making a Labyrinth style musical

We've been waiting anxiously for Bret McKenzie (the tiny kitten-shirted costar of Flight of the Conchords) to get another music project. And now he has — and he says it's akin to the classic fantasy movie Labyrinth. EVERYBODY FREAK OUT.

Ever since McKenzie won an Oscar for his work on the Muppet Movie, we knew we were destined for a puppet-centric fantasy opera soon. We just didn't know it would be happening this soon. And we are flipping out about it! In an interview with Collider, McKenzie revealed his plans:

I’m in the middle of a script for a kind of—it hasn’t got a name yet but it’s a fairy tale comedy musical, sort of akin to Labyrinth or something like that. I’m developing and that script’s halfway through. James Bobin’s helping me. I’m the official writer but we’re developing it. I want to make a comedy musical with singing dragons and monsters and stuff. [It’s] live-action, so it would be a mixture of The Muppets and The Princess Bride [….] It’s definitely my favorite thing I’m working on at the moment. It’s early, though, it’s early. It’s still developing.


Princess Bride? Muppets? Labyrinth! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Give it to us now.

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Rob Bricken

Sudden realization: There needs to be a musical actually based on Labyrinth immediately. Someone get on that.