The Creepy Film Mama Is Getting a Sequel, But Without Its Star

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Mama is coming back, but without her biggest nemesis. Guillermo del Toro produced the 2013 horror film, which starred Jessica Chastain, and now a sequel is in the works. Unfortunately, the Oscar-nominated actress isn’t expected to return.


The Wrap reported the news of the sequel, which will be directed by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch. The pair directed the highly acclaimed horror film Starry Eyes.

The first Mama told the story of two young girls who are abandoned in the woods by their family. Five years later, they’re found, but assimilation is difficult because they’d been raised by a ghost for five years. The ghost, named “Mama,” follows the girls to their new home, where Chastain’s character is dating their uncle (Game of Thrones’ Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Chastain survives the story, but it looks like her dealings with Mama are over. Not returning makes sense.

There are no details of where the second story could go, but there are obviously a ton of options. It could be a prequel origin story for Mama, another haunting in her future, or something totally different. Hopefully Widmyer and Kolsch found just the right hook.

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Oh man, I have so many mixed feelings about this. I really, really loved Mama and was absolutely astounded by the ending. (By the way, I’m not really understanding complaints about the ending, which cloaked an incredibly bleak statement about childhood trauma in the colors of a happy ending. Guys, that ending was fucked up. Incisively, beautifully so, but that was not a happy ending.)

But I really felt like it was a well-crafted, bounded story. I’m concerned about extending it in either direction, especially without the original folks involved. I don’t know. I’ll remain hopeful, but it doesn’t seem like a movie in demand of a sequel. I would feel similarly about The Babadook 2 (whereas I could see a sequel to It Follows doing interesting things and not treading on the tight elegance of the first movie).