Which Star Wars character do you most NOT want to see in Episode VII? (Besides Jar Jar)

Illustration for article titled Which emStar Wars/em character do you most NOT want to see in emEpisode VII/em? (Besides Jar Jar)

Everybody's obsessing over which fan favorite Star Wars characters will be in the upcoming sequel to the classic space opera trilogy. Will Harrison Ford play Han again? Will Lando be back? But what about the characters you absolutely do not want to see again?


Vote below for the Star Wars character you're actively praying won't make an appearance in Episode VII. We'll just stipulate Jar Jar Binks, so there's no need to mention him. Characters who are supposed to be dead are fair game, so you can bring up Amidala or whoever — there is no death but the Force, yadda yadda. Oh, and please include a picture of your chosen character.

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oh, i would love to see JarJar... as an old embittered Jedi-hating lizard