Oh, Hey, Catwoman Is Officially Bisexual Now

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Just an FYI! Catwoman comics writer (and frequent io9 contributor extraordinaire) Genevieve Valentine has pointed out on her blog that Selina Kyle is now "canon bisexual" in the DC universe. It's always nice to see a comic company increase its diversity — especially with a character as prominent as Catwoman.


Unsurprisingly, Valentine herself puts it best:

She's flirted around it – often quite literally – for years now; for me, this wasn't a revelation so much as a confirmation.


This confirmation occurs in issue #39, out this week. For many more spoileriffic details, be sure to read Genevieve's post here.

But what I'm actually most impressed with is how DC announced this — which is to say, not at all. I'm aggravated at how DC made a week-long media event out of the revelation that Green Lantern Alan Scott (who is not only like the fifth most important human Green Lantern, but no longer exists in the main DC universe) is gay and patted themselves on the back relentlessly at their open-mindedness. By not making a big deal about Catwoman's sexuality, they're sending the unspoken message that this is actually a normal thing to be, and that's exactly what they should be doing.

All that said, the lack of male characters who have expanded their orientation is pretty much zero, isn't it? Obviously, here's a bias here towards the social acceptability of girl-on-girl action, unfortunately, and that's what DC and Marvel need to combat next. I mean, does anyone really doubt that Dick Grayson is bi? That dude has sex with everybody.

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Hey, I was right in the middle of discussion about how it's almost always women in genre media who are allowed to be bi-curious. It's a nice way for the patriarchy to recuperate women's bodies for its own benefits.

Now, I don't want DC to not make Catwoman bi or bi-curious. What I want is that DC mix it up - make a male character bi-curious too. Or pansexual, or any other queer identity. Like Fraction with Spymaster at Marvel a few years ago. Balance it out so that it does not come across as a male gaze stunt.