Oh, God, There's Another Update on the Uncharted Movie

You look tired, Nathan Drake. We’re tired, too.
You look tired, Nathan Drake. We’re tired, too.
Image: Naughty Dog

Like a legion of mutants unearthed by careless treasure hunters, Sony’s plans for an Uncharted movie just will not die.


Last we heard of the storied saga, Travis Knight became the latest in a storied list of directors to leave the project, a project that has gone on for so long that Mark Wahlberg, once slated to play the protagonist is instead attached to play his older mentor. A project that has gone on so long that the current attached star, Tom Holland, was a literal child.

It never ends: Collider reports that a new director is being looked at for the project: Venom director Ruben Fleischer. It’s a smart choice. Despite how bad Zombieland: Double Tap was, Fleischer knows how to direct stylish genre schlock, and he can certainly turn out a movie reliably.

But, like: at what point do you cut your losses here, Sony? At what point do you decide that maybe this treasure is cursed, leave it in its resting place, and get the hell off this island? You have friends, Sony. You have people who love you. You don’t need to do this. There’s other treasure, elsewhere.

Come on. Let’s go home.

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You have friends, Sony. You have people who love you.

Do they though? They’ve got the Spider-Man franchise, sure, but that’s about it and they are kind of relying on Marvel for that, too. Venom was a hit, but Morbius? Really? And the Into the Spider-Verse animation takes a long time, so can they really rely on that?

And what other franchises does Sony have? Jumanji? Resident Evil? Charlie’s Angels? Look, all Sony wants is a number of franchises that will give them a steady stream of billions of dollars. Is that too much to ask?