Oh Crud, Edgar Wright Is No Longer Directing Ant Man

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We were looking forward to seeing what director Edgar Wright was going to do with the Paul Rudd-starring Ant Man—but now Wright is leaving the film. What on earth happened?


Variety is reporting that Wright is no longer directing Ant Man, with Marvel Studios citing, "differences in their vision of the film." So has Ant Man been squashed like, well, a bug? Apparently not. Marvel has already lined up another director, but hasn't announced who it will be. Ant Man is still due out in July 2015.

Even though the film is still moving forward, we're bummed. We loved Wright's comic-to-screen translation of Scott Pilgrim, and Wright has been talking about and developing Ant Man for ages, and it's unfortunate that we won't be seeing his version of the superhero on the big screen. Why, after all this time, could he possibly be leaving the film? And who could Marvel have tapped to take his place at the helm?


Edgar Wright Leaves Marvel's 'Ant-Man' [Variety]

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Wasn't the Wright man for the job huh? I'm antsy to see who the new director will be.